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Wardi ya Toto

January 20th: After two amazing days in the Serengeti on game drives, our group now became two – eight of our team have headed back to the US while the remaining 11 of us flew into Dar es Salaam for a visit with the children at the oncology center. We had a relaxing night in the Slipway […]

Amazing Tanzanian Experiences

Jan 15-16 – The past two days were spent learning about the Masaai culture and on safari in the Ngorogoro crater. We were taught about how the Masaai cook goat – using every part of it, both boiling and roasting the meat, organs and more. The main purpose of this process is to create medicine from […]

We May Call Her “Kili”

Jan 14th: As dawn broke to welcome our final day with the mountain we now may call “Kili,” a bittersweet spirit filled the camp. Sweat, joy, tears, excitement, pain and euphoria poured through our bodies as 18 individuals stirred from their tents to move into our final day on a mountain that challenged each of […]

SUMMIT!!! 19,341 feet – We Made It.

Tuesday, January 13th The day has finally arrived – time to summit Kilimanjaro! A quick breakfast that was hard for many to swallow (literally, as they were suffering from the effects of the altitude) warmed us briefly and at 5:00am we were on our way. A short climb in comparison to what we had accomplished the […]

Cold Monday = Summit Tomorrow

Monday, January 12th Good morning!! 3:30am comes fast and cold on the mountain. Everyone layered up to a point of minimal movement like Ralphie’s little brother in “A Christmas Story”. A quick breakfast of hot porridge in the tent and we were ready to go! Well, almost. As much as we all are excited to […]

3 Days Later…Enough Sun to Charge our Batteries

At last we have sunshine! So with batteries finally charged via solar power, here is a synopsis of the past three days over the next 3 posts. Sunday, January 11th After a cold, snowy night in our tents, we had an opportunity to introduce the team to the entire mountain crew in the cold, misty […]

Snowballs and Sunshine

Today began with a light cloud cover, and laughing trekkers in their tents, and then outside with cherished cups of hot coffee. The sun soon took over, and we had a delicious breakfast in the warm sun to start our day. Up, up, and up some more, and soon we were in and then above […]

Greeted by Gear and Gorgeous Surroundings

January 9, 2015 – Today began as the sun rose from behind the mighty Kilimanjaro with the sounds of the crew fixing breakfast in the background, and early risers chatting in their tents. In typical form, Robin again brought laughter and dancing to the porters with music while the rest of the crew prepared for […]

Sweet Sounds and Awe Inspiring Silence

January 8, 2015 – Fell asleep to the sweet sound of snoring in camp. Amazing how much noise 135 people can make when sleeping. Lisa wants to record it and turn it into a song. Before setting back out into the forest, Meghan got the porters to their feet while Robin jammed and the guys […]

It Just Got Real

January 7 – We are on the mountain, writing from our first mountain camp at 9,100 feet. We started the day with bag checks, rechecks, and more rechecks — at least for those that have bags. Jeremy, Matt, Elizabeth and Shannon’s bags arrived in the middle of the night but the Georges’ are still lost […]